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Slice of the Midwest

Saraveza Exterior with BikesDerived from the owner’s name and the Spanish word for beer, Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern is a place to celebrate craft beer, eat well and enjoy friends and strangers alike.  We’re a North Portland watering hole and craft beer convenience store w/ 250+ bottles and 9 rotating taps. Whether you’re new to the brew scene and need some guidance or an old pro just looking for something rare, Saraveza’s beertenders will find a flavor that works for you.

Our Staff

Sara VezaSarah Pederson - publican.  A Wisconsin native and breweriana collector, Sarah’s love affair with craft beer began in 2002 after she unknowingly ordered a cask conditioned Hair of the Dog “Fred” over some homework at the Horse Brass. The first sips changed her life, “How can beer taste so complex?”  Needless to say, she put down her homework, went home and started researching “how to make beer” on the Internet.  Fast forward to 2007 - after hanging with homebrewers, graduating from the American Brewer’s Guild, interning at Hair of the Dog and working the cellar at Lompoc Brewery, Sarah decided she wanted to officially enlist in the craft beer revolution; Saraveza was born.

Since opening in October of 2008, Sarah has been named one of Five People Who Are Reinventing the Joy of Drinking Beer in Portland, has been featured in a documentary The Love of Beer and was honored to receive Oregon Brew Crew’s Craft Beer Entrepernual Award.  “I love my job!  It is such a wonderful thing to be able to support local business, provide rewarding jobs and be on the forefront of such an exciting and delicious industry!”

Tyler Vickers - Original BeertenderTyler “The Elder” Vickers - OB (original beertender).   Saraveza’s first employee, Tyler, loves beer and he loves to serve it.  Born and raised in Portland, Mr. Vickers is known for his 2010 accolade “Oregon Beertender of the Year” as well as the namesake of Upright Brewing’s 2010 fresh hop offering, “Tyler the Elder.”  You may also recognize Tyler from TV.  Stop in and see Tyler some time, the beers on you!
Photo credit: Stuart Mullenberg.

Lori Adams Clinton - Baker, Sugar PimpLori Adams Clinton (a/k/a SugarPimp) – baker. A transplanted Iowa farmgirl, had no idea upon landing in Portland in 1994 how lucky she was. Once she tasted her first craft beer (Bridgeport IPA) her Bud Light days were over. Still partial to hoppy IPAs, Lori delights in trying all different styles of beer and is thrilled to be part of the Saraveza crew and creating new treats made with beer. If you’ve enjoyed a pasty or a sweet treat, you’ve experienced the labors of Saraveza’s own confectionary assassin.

Leigh Grignon Saraveza's Packer lady!Leigh Grignon – Packer Backer beertender.  Lifelong Packer fan and a Saraveza original, Leigh grew up just outside of Green Bay in Shawano, WI.  A cheesehead in the making, Leigh remembers dressing up as Quarterback Don “Majik Man” Majkowski as a little girl.  One of her most memorable Lambeau moments was in 2005, when she and 60,000+ of her closest friends bowed their heads in silence then cheered (and cried) as Reggie White’s jersey was retired.  Her recent happiest Packer memory was feeling like she was back in the Dairyland as she watched the Pack win Superbowl XLV with a jam-packed house at Saraveza.
“It has been great watching Saraveza’s Packer fan base grow each year! I’m happy to have been there since the beginning!”

Mickey Polizatto - Event Coordinator and BeertenderMickey Pollizatto – Bad Habit Room principal event liason & beertender. Mickey draws strength from party guru Amy Sedaris but is always getting fun and creative ideas from friends, family and Bad Habit Room guests. With more than two and a half decades in hospitality and a lifetime in entertainment, he has learned a lot about putting together the components of a good time.  Just as every show requires the right lighting, sound and staging, Mickey believes your special party or event deserves this same attention to detail.
Of course it would not be possible for him to work at Saraveza if he didn’t love beer, he says, “But I am not as smart as I look… I treat every guest as a potential student or teacher.”

Erika Huston - lead vocals (curation & operation.)Erika Huston - lead vocals (curation & operation.)   Erika’s love affair with craft beer began when she moved to Portland from her hometown of Eugene during the early 90’s.  Though partial to Belgian ales and Winter Seasonals, when asked her favorite style, she’ll reply “I don’t discriminate, I like them all!”.  In the Summer of 2006, Erika decided that beer was more than a hobby to her and she began beertending full time.  When she’s not serving or enjoying great beer, Erika’s loves include exploring the great outdoors with her trusty dog, Morgan, spending time with her friends and family, listening to music, cooking and making art (including bottle cap jewelry).

Kate - BeertenderKate - beertender. Kate hails from the beer culture of Wisconsin’s Manitowoc.  One of her earliest memories being a regular gathering of parents and students at the bar in the basement of her elementary school! Kate grew to appreciate more crafted beer while drinking Toohey’s Bitter in Australia.  She is proud to be a part of Beervana since working at Bridgeport in ‘03.

Matthew Simons - chef. The son of a college football coach, “Matty,” grew up on Lombardi philosophies as taught to him by “Coach Simons.”  When he wasn’t on the football field with his dad he was in the kitchen with his mom, a foodie from the ‘70s, cooking for large groups of friends.  As a young adult, he moved to Portland, worked for Natures Fresh NW (now New Seasons), cooked for catering companies and continued to host dinner parties on his own.

For years, Matty created menus for his tightest friends and local rock-n-roll band, The Dandy Warhols.  From the commercial kitchen of the Dandy’s recording studio, Matty cooked coursed dinners for Duran Duran, NY Dolls, The Strokes, Jet, The Vines, The Killers, Shins, Spoon, BJM, etc. etc.

After graduating from Oregon Culinary Institute in 2011, Matty sharpened his skills at Saraveza, Southpark Seafood and Max’s Bistro, Fresno, CA’s nicest restaurant.  In the fall of 2013, Matty returned to Saraveza to commence Bad Habit Room’s brunch and run the food program between the two restaurants.  Since his return “Coach Simons Jr” is on the kitchen floor inspiring, motivating and teaching along the way.


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